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Whether it's news or entertainment, work or events, Collated keeps the information you are interested in one single view.
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Choose from over 80 sources + more arriving each day!
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Custom domain, SEO, styles - make it yours!
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Curate a niche, focused set of contents to your site so it becomes the go-to place for other like-minded users. Your Collated site automatically becomes publicly available for others. Enable memberships and newsletters to further grow the community.
Key Features
Build your own information hub and build an audience around it.
Easy, simple & one single view
Add from over 80 data sources, all presented in one view, dead simple way to get all info.
Build organic Traffic
Set your Collated site as public and drive organic traffic to your site.
Let visitors to your site sign up for newsletters to receive regular updates.
Add your own domain name
Bring your own domain name to your Collated site. HTTPS is automatically applied.
Analyze This
Integrate your Collated site with Google Analytics to find out who's visiting and what they are doing.
Style for Your Site
Add logos, change design and styles (coming soon!) of your site.
Add Custom Static Pages
Add custom pages to your Collated site (e.g. About us) - coming soon.
Custom Links
Add custom links to your Collated site (e.g. your company link) - coming soon.
Maximize your SEO
Submit sitemaps for Collated site to so it can be ranked by search engines.
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Free - $0 / month
Up to 8 data sources
Access via subdomain
Data retained for 1 week
Data updated once per day
Email support
$4.99 / month
Up to 24 data sources
Add your own domain
Data retained for 1 month
Data updated twice per day
Priority email support

$8.99 / month
Up to 48 data sources
Add your own domain
Membership enabled
Data retained for 3 months
Data updated 3 times per day
Priority email support
Coming soon
$12.99 / month
Up to 100 data sources
Add your own domain
Paid membership enabled
Data retained for 6 months
Data updated 4 times a day
Priority email support
Coming soon
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