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News, videos, music or events - Collated brings everything together.
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I always wanted to show global music chart by countries in one single page. With Collated, I was able to create it in about 5 minutes. I then launched it on ProductHunt and reached #5 with more than 120 votes! It was amazing! - Eric
Check out the Global Music Chart, built on Collated and also on ProductHunt.
Opened > 20 tabs & refreshing?
Access your information like a pro.
Whether it's news or entertainment, work or friends, Collated keeps the information you are interested in one single view and helps you to be in the know quickly.
With a growing list of more than 20 sources, you can specify & display exactly what type of information you would like to display on your board.
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.
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Collated is a no-code solution to easily create a board of information arranged by columns.
All you have to do is specify the information you want to show in your board, then Collated will do the rest.
Set up your information board exactly the way you want by just moving your fingers a few times. ✌️ 🙌 🤙
Take it to the next level.
Become the subject authority   💪
Once you've curated useful information in one board, Collated lets you create a community around it with built-in membership and all the features you would expect from a community-driven platform (think Reddit!).
This is an awesome way to get engagement from like-minded visitors and your board becomes an information source through which you can build your audience.
Connect your domain name, set up newsletters and let your users connect together directly on your Collated board.
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